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Business Monitor

Business Monitor

Can you find your way in the midst of market information?

The Business Monitor – Segments's in-house developed business intelligence system- offers reliable, transparent and up-to-date picture about the company's operation, the implementation of strategic and operative goals and the changes in the market. This system provides the customers with easy access to relevant information, offers support for data integration and for market analysis. It contributes to a productive cooperation.

Professional Translation

Professional translation

Through our services, we offer all-inclusive and safe online administration.

Through our translating services, we offer all-inclusive and safe online administration. During our work punctuality and re-controllability are significantly important, that we assure. We offer creative translation, not just translator skilled work! We provide fast and transparent quotation, which includes the whole charge of the work: none hidden charges. Upload your text you would like to translate, and we draft a quotation for free of charge!


PR - Marketing

We accommodate to changes and also generate them

In our fast pace world, marketing and PR experts work under increased pressure and they have to manage with decreased resources. Research shows that multinational corporations nowadays put more emphasis on the PR activities, which focus more on building personal relations, rather than on the very costly direct marketing strategies. We offer assistance in developing marketing and PR strategies whether it is event organization or using the benefits of social and public media.


E - learning

Transmitting knowledge can be fast and efficient during trainings.

In the past decades, companies’ internal and external environments have been altering quickly; as a result, the knowledge which is essential for employees in their work has been expanded. Let’s think of the varying range of products, changing information technology systems, laws and regulations of the EU. Consequently, the demand has increased to transmit knowledge fast and efficiently through enterprise training courses. Today, there is a need for cost-efficient online trainings which enable us to manage everything in one application and to easily create syllabi, evaluations, reports and analyses.


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